What We Are NOT

Have you tried other gyms, but still haven’t found your workout comfort zone? Have you bought into the late-night infomercials’ promises of 90-day transformations through DVDs or spot-training devices, but you still haven’t met your goals?

It happens to so many people who are simply seeking real results.

SWIF’s members have said they stick with us in part because of what we don’t have:

  • No Fitness GimmicksGimmicks
  • Quick-fix, empty fitness promises
  • Crowds or sign-up sheets for equipment
  • Impersonal staff whose main goals are to “sell” memberships
  • Training coaches with “weekend” certifications
  • Beauty Queens and Body Builders
  • Over the top glitz, glam and drama.

Stop in and take a look around. Find out why our members stick with us.