The SWIF Way

The SWIF Way is the balanced way. Our program is designed to provide our members with exactly what is required to elicit change. We implement a comprehensive approach of conditioning, nutrition, restoration and accountability.

“We do not compromise our values. We do the right thing, not necessarily the easy thing.”
Albert Eiler, Founder and President STICK WITH IT FITNESS

In recent years, many health clubs and much of the media have bombarded us with empty promises of body transformation through ultimate fitness products, 90-day programs, spot-training devices, hi-tech machines, supplements, quick-fix diet plans and more. But each year, Americans have become less active and more overweight.

In 1997, Albert Eiler founded STICK WITH IT FITNESS to provide a balanced approach to improved performance, body composition and general health through four key principles that he and the SWIF professionals have stuck with to this day:

  • Conditioning: A synergistically-driven approach that includes mobility, stability, power, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. We address proper movement patterns immediately and apply appropriate progressions throughout the training process.
  • Nutrition: Our nutrition prescription provides a long-term, realistic eating approach by emphasizing the consumption of foods provided by nature. We stress the importance of food quality, food quantity and meal frequency.
  • Restoration: Physical changes in our conditioning do not necessarily take place during exercise, but rather during the recovery period. Strengthening and reinforcing connective tissue, as well as cardio-respiratory changes are adaptations to training that take place primarily during sleep and rest. In addition to adequate sleep and rest periods, we review and implement various other modalities, such as myofascial release, massage, and many other modalities to encourage constant progress.
  • Accountability: Our coaches and our methodology are only partially responsible for your success. You must be responsible for the time that you are away from us. Positive habits formed at the gym should not turn negative when you walk out the door. Self-monitoring by keeping a personal journal, tracking biometric test results, and considering frequent sessions with a SWIF coach are of the utmost importance in achieving success.