Shower Wars: The Movie

Check out what happens when the Bossman discovers the “fixed” shower in the men’s locker room…

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SWIF’s Survival of the Fittest Fishermen


SWIF celebrated 2016’s Opening Day of Trout Season with its own Fish-a-Palooza!! The weekend-long event, which took place at a secret fishing hole along the Gibsonia/910 corridor, was not an affair for the faint of heart (or for those SWIF coaches/staff we forgot to invite (aka: the three women of SWIF…oops)).  Or for that matter, it was not an event for those coaches who claimed to have prior obligations (aka: lame excuses).  But we don’t want to name names…oh what the hell: 1) Bacco: bachelor party; 2) Vlakancic: birthday party; 3) Lessig: a date…. dudes, man up and get your priorities straight!!

FullSizeRenderf2No, only the most rugged and virile SWIF coaches, clients, family, and friends accepted the challenge that began with a “kick-off” evening spent around the campfire, grilling flavorful meats such as elk, pheasant, and grass-fed beef…which paired nicely with the perfectly chilled Smidwick’s Ale. And no man’s night out would be complete without Frangelico’s hazelnut liqueur and chocolates.

As dusk turned to dark, the adventurers began the “sleepover party” portion of the evening and took to their tents to brave the chilly April night…only to retreat to their vehicles for warmth after about an hour or so.   (Rumor has it the night included gossiping and pillow fights…and would have had them braiding each other’s hair… if any of them had any.)

IMG_4253f9In the morning, the task-at-hand (fishing) was put on hold so all could enjoy more “traditional” camp cuisine: Tony Corcoran’s succulent farm raised beef and the Bossman’s free range chicken eggs.

But when there was no more Starbucks left, the campers had no choice but to lift themselves out of their LLBean camping chairs, get out their fishing gear, and begin Day 1 of the angling “contest.”

FullSizeRenderf6To no one’s surprise, the Bossman had a seemingly insurmountable lead early on, with the first seven fish caught (okay…five of them were creek chubs and the other two were not quite the legal size of trout keepers)…until his veteran father-n-law, “Pap” did the unthinkable: he broke bro-code and waded out into the very hole where the Bossman was fishing.

Needless to say, Pap proceeded to land three trophy-sized trout…and with each catch, he looked over at the others as if to say “amateurs.”


Mike-and-fish-400However, the other fishermen forged on. Tony had his share of creek chubs, but no trout to speak of. And as for the adorable youngin, Mike Starr, he remained fishless until his boss ushered him to a “secret spot” (which was actually a pond where one would generally take toddlers to catch bluegills).

As Day 1 came to an end, to everyone’s surprise, the rookie Starr landed the biggest catch of the day! And boy did he let everyone know about that “one” fish he caught.

Luckily, Fish-a-Poolza’s offered a “Day 2” to provide redemption for the fishless of Day 1: Tony caught his first trout of the season, and the Bossman landed the “Walter” of all trout… thus declaring himself the overall Fish-a-Poolza 2016 Champion!


NOTE: The legitimacy of the “Day 2” results are currently under review, since Pap and Starr were (accidentally) not invited to fish that day, and because Starr is convinced his catch was bigger…we’ll let you all decide 🙂

All in all, this “experimental” camping/fishing (and eating/drinking) event was a success!   We think it’s definitely worthy of a second annual Fish-a-Poolza next year, which of course will be opened up to all who feel they are manly (or womanly) enough to survive the outdoor challenge.

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SWIF hosts our own “Tony” Awards

Congratulations Tony Corcoran
“SWIFT” CEO Challenge IX Champion!

IMG_1251Tony surrounded by his proud SWIF ATHLETICS Coaches

Our SWIFT CEO Challenge IX participants along with their SWIF Coaches gathered for breakfast April 7 to honor the champion and “reflect”on the program. Check out these photos — “almost” everyone looks pretty perky for 6am!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With only a 6-week time frame, we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of results.  But this latest CEO Challenge was a “SWIFT” battle to say the least…and what we received were many significant transformations and much valuable information.

In addition to the shorter duration, the SWIFT Challenge featured new testing procedures such as video analysis, anaerobic test, and underwater weighing–for more precise body fat measurements.  These specialized tests provided us with further data to critically drill down on each of our valued participants, as only SWIF loves to do :-).

And the winner, who crushed his tests, was clear.  Tony Corcoran, aka “MacGyver,” will sprint away with the $10,000 prize and the title of CEO Champion IX.  Of course, half will go to Tony’s favorite charity, and half of the other half into the pockets of the SWIF coaches…hint, hint).

But on the serious side, Tony displayed the most well-rounded stats in this brief program, with highlights such as:

  • 22.5 lbs of fat lost,

  • 4.5 lbs of lean mass gained,

  • an increase of over 25% on the anaerobic test with more efficiency, and

  • very impressive gains on flexibility, functionality, and strength.

In the last Challenge, Tony came up just a bit short and elegantly bowed down to “The Professor.”  But he harnessed the pain of that loss and found his redemption in this Challenge!!!

Great Job, Tony!!!  Just check out his POST-Challenge flex in the underwater tank!


We should also note Tony has made even more significant changes over the past 10 months — since then his fat loss has approached 100 lbs!  That’s right we lured him into SWIF as he was about to crack the 300 lb barrier!  In addition, he’s managed to quit smoking after 25 years.  Yeah, he’s quite the looker now….and some have called him SWIF’s most eligible bachelor.Tony--10-months-ago

Here are some compelling Videos
of Tony’s PRE-Challenge and POST-Challenge Testing

Tony’s PRE-Challenge Anaerobic Bike Test

HINT: Play these two videos (PRE- and POST-) at the same time and be wowed by the difference in just six weeks.!

Tony’s POST-Challenge Anaerobic Bike Test


Tony Pre-Challenge Underwater Weighing

Tony Post-Challenge Underwater Weighing

Watch for details of the NEXT CEO Challenge and your chance to transform!  Contact us for to learn more.


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“The Professor” Named CEO Challenge VIII Champion!!

SWIF’s CEO Challenge VIII, which ran from September 7 through December 6, 2015, concluded with a friendly breakfast gathering on December 17 to celebrate the transformations, share stories, talk trash (a lot of trash) and of course to crown the Champion!



It is with great pleasure that SWIF has named

Micheal Flynn

as the CEO Challenge VIII Champion.



Mike aka “The Professor,” aka “The Viking” who represented Aquinas Academy in the Challenge, earned a prize of $10,000…half for him and half for his charity.

“Mike approached the Challenge with conviction!” according to the Bossman.  “He never missed a training session, came in early and left late, religiously logged his food, checked in regularly on his progress, completed SWIF’s online wellness education course, and had a winning attitude throughout!”

His results were impressive.  During the exercise and nutrition-based challenge, which began and ended with comprehensive biometric testing and functional movement screening,  Mike:

  • practically doubled his functional movement screening score

  • practically tripled his overall fitness score

  • improved his flexibility six-fold

  • more than doubled his strength…moving him into the “Excellent” category

  • jumped three categories in his aerobic fitness and now “hovers at the door” of the Excellent category

  • and last but certainly not least: lost 35 pounds!!

In this eighth installment of the CEO Challenge, all the participants worked hard, and so many made notable improvements as a result of the weekly group workouts as well as the individual sessions  with the SWIF coaches.

And not to be overlooked by any means, while the Challenge is a platform where so many make life altering improvements, we want to thank each participant for his/her charitable wager.  SWIF does its best to fuse physical performance and charity, and without all of you we could not do it.

CEO Challengers We Thank You!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh and one last thing: there are rumors that our next challenge is going to have some exciting additions that will ensure even more transformations for our next group of competitors…stay tuned!!!

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“15” is SWIF’s Magic Number!

Hundreds of happy folks, a 4.4-mile foot race, fabulous weather, festive drinks, “fine” food, fun tunes, and furry friends…lots of furry friends. This year’s STICK WITH IT FITNESS Before-You-Eat-A-Lot Turkey Trot had all those things…and more!

Go 2

And it also resulted in SWIF’s highest fundraising success to date!  Thanks to the generous sponsors, participants, and volunteers, the 15th Annual SWIF Turkey Trot raised close to $15,000 for Autism Speaks.  That amount, along with SWIF’s other current fundraiser, the CEO Challenge, puts SWIF’s total contribution to various charities at over $145,000 since 1997.

Brooke BaileyAnd on this 15th anniversary of the event, the racers got a special treat: Hampton High School Junior, Brooke Bailey, warmed the hearts of the racers with a beautifully sung National Anthem.

The race’s top finishers included:

Top Male Finisher: Jacob Boyle (27:29)

Top Female Finisher: Tena Pettit, (33:02)
defending her 2014 title 🙂


Top Racer with Dog Finisher:  Bill Miller and Zeak. (31:51)


Year after year, SWIF’s Turkey Trot proves to be an enjoyable start to the long holiday weekend as captured in the tons of smiling-faced photos provided by Dave Higginbotham of No Limits Photography.

Click the first photo to start the slideshow.

Event Co-Coordinators Albert Eiler and Sue Seiff would like to once again thank the racers, volunteers, and the very generous sponsors who make this event possible.

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Welcome Magic Mike!

STICK WITH IT FITNESS is happy to officially welcome Mike Starr (aka Magic Mike) to the SWIF ATHLETICS staff after his summer internship with us.

Mike is a 2015 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.  He is also an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM EP-C).

Under the direction of SWIF’s Intern Coordinator Gabe Bacco, Mike’s had a busy summer…we’ve had him learning the ropes (what to wear, what to do, what NOT to do, etc.) and he seems to have adjusted nicely.  Here are just a few photos of what he’s been up to…


Despite the fact that he seems to only own one baseball cap, we’re happy to have him on board. Welcome Magic!


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A Role 40-some Years in the Making

Sue Seiff SWIF appoints long-time personal training client, Sue Seiff, to the position of SWIF’s Marketing and Wellness Program Facilitator.  “STICK WITH IT FITNESS is a gym like no other…it’s a special place. The people — the coaches, staff, and members — make it feel more like a family than a facility.  I’m delighted to be a part of that family, and to promote a company that has meant so much to me, and has taught me so much about wellness,” said Seiff.

Sue’s responsibilities include managing SWIF’s digital marketing efforts, and facilitating SWIF ATHLETICS’ corporate and on-line wellness programs.

But the role she’s probably best known for around the gym is that of Co-Event Coordinator (along with Albert) of SWIF’s Before-you-eat-a-lot Turkey Trot, an annual charity run/walk held on Thanksgiving morning.

Sharing the Turkey Trot Co-Event Coordinator duties since 2011 has not always been smooth sailing between The Bossman and Seiff, whose “management styles” sometimes differ…and neither one is fond of giving in.  However, it’s not surprising, given the recent discovery of a 40-something-year-old photo of the two.


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It was a Photo Finish for the 1st and 2nd Place CEOs

What do a select group of 25 of Pittsburgh’s finest business leaders who train at STICK WITH IT FITNESS have in common? They all competed in SWIF’s CEO Challenge VII!   The CEO Challenge is a 13-week prescription-based nutrition, conditioning, restorative, and accountability program that includes Pre- and Post-program functional movement screening and biometric testing, weekly group coaching sessions with Certified SWIF ATHLETICS Coaches, and wellness educational support that has proven to help thousands of SWIF clients.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This seventh year of the challenge was our most competitive one yet! We had five challengers who each lost over 40 pounds of fat and several who lost well over 30. And the improvements in their Pre- and Post-Challenge performance scores was impressive to say the least. As a result, determining the champion was no easy feat for us — the competition resulted in a grueling, neck-and-neck finish between the 1st place winner, Steve Photopoulos of Steve Photopoulos Law and the 2nd place winner, Dean Bronowicz of Waves Equipment Rental.

The pair’s combined “Fat Loss” approached an amazing 100 pounds of fat!!

With near identical improvements in Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength, Flexibility, and Cardio Vascular ability, Steve tweaked out the victory over Dean because of his unprecedented perfect score in the Post-Challenge functional movement screen. As SWIF always says, it “pays” to be functional.

Check out their 13-week transformations


Steve’s BEFORE Photos


Steve’s AFTER Photos…he’s got his groove back!!!



Dean’s BEFORE Photos


Dean’s AFTER Photos…getting his swell on!!!

For this year’s CEO Challenge’s Awards Ceremony, SWIF switched things up a bit.  Rather than an evening event fueled by a few post-program cocktails, SWIF paid homage to two other CEO challengers who hailed from Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, and held a breakfast ceremony at the Route 8 Eat’n Park restaurant.   Oh, but the early hour didn’t mean it was a quiet affair…other patrons reported seeing an impromptu boxing ring set up where Steve and Dean were challenged to duke it out one last time to claim the top spot.

For the challengers, the competition is not only about winning the title of “CEO Challenge VII Champion,” it’s also about winning money…for themselves and their favorite charity. With 25 competitors, this year’s prize money totaled $12,500: and with $6,250 dedicated to charity, SWIF’s programs have now surpassed $125,000 for charities.

Disappointed you missed out on your chance to compete in a 2015 CEO Challenge?  Don’t be…SWIF is planning to host CEO Challenge VIII for a September 2015 start!!  Watch for details soon.

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Jimmy Giansante — an NFL Hopeful


SWIF’s Sports Performance client, Jimmy Giansante, is working toward an impressive goal — the 6′ 2″, 210 pound speedster is preparing for his
Pro Day.  Many scouts representing NFL teams will gather to watch Jimmy display his skills he honed as a prolific wide receiver at the
University of New Hampshire.

Good luck Jimmy!


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Congratulations Dechlan

Dechlan-MercerOne of SWIF’s Sports Performance Athlete’s, Dechlan Mercer, won the GOLD MEDAL in the 2015 Pittsburgh Indoor Rowing Championship.  Dechlan, a Junior at Hampton High School and a member of the Hampton Rowing team, finished with an impressive time of 6:58.5 minutes in the 2000m event to claim the top spot over several students from schools all over the Pittsburgh area.

Great job, Dechlan!
Way to represent Hampton and STICK WITH IT FITNESS — we’re proud of you.

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