The CEO Challenge -OLD

We at ChangeRx and Stick With It Fitness have three questions for you:

1) Are you ready to get into the greatest shape of your life?

2) Do you want to set an amazing example for your company or organization?

3) Are you the type of person who commits to challenging yourself?

Watch our video and we bet you’ll answer “Yes, Yes, and Yes.”



Now for the details…

What does the CEO Challenge involve? Overseen by ChangeRx Founder and Stick With It Fitness President Albert Eiler, you will follow a 13-week prescription-based nutrition, conditioning, restorative and accountability program that’s been proven by thousands of participants in the proprietary ChangeRx Group Challenge Program. By combining science and the competitive nature of business leaders like you, we have created a program that really works.

What is included in the program? The CEO Challenge Program includes:

  • Pre-program screening and biometric testing

  • Weekly sessions with your ChangeRx Certified Stick With It Fitness Coach

  • Four convenient gyms for you to meet with your Stick With It Fitness Coach

    • Allison Park

    • Green Tree Farm

    • The Life Center

    • Seubert & Associates

Who is eligible? You as a company head OR another leader of your organization PLUS one more individual who you invite to join the challenge.

What does it cost to enter? Wager Fee: $500 plus: $1,000 for your 15 sessions with a SWIF coach (1 pre-test, 13 training sessions and 1 post-test). Additional training sessions are optional.  Hourly rates apply.

How is the winner chosen? The winner will be determined by improvements across the following categories:

  • Body Composition

  • Aerobic Capacity

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Pre/Post Photos

  • Attendance

  • Attitude

What does the winner receive? The winner will walk away with a $10,000 cash prize (with half in your pocket and half to your favorite charity).

What do all participants win? Participants will learn the key to improving and maintaining their general health, body composition and performance.


Like what you’ve read?  Then join us for the next CEO Challenge.  Contact SWIF to learn more.

You’ve Been Served!!