Why Join SWIF?

Membership at STICK WITH IT FITNESS means more than just “belonging” to a gym. Members at SWIF’s 9,000 square foot health club in Allison Park, PA experience a journey of self improvement well beyond the glitz, hype or drama you may find in other big-box fitness chains. Our members enjoy:

  • Flexible hours that allow you to fit fitness into your time-pressured schedule
  • Commercial lines of cardio and strength machines
  • Extensive array of functional training equipment
  • Structured sessions with our professional coaches
  • No crowds or equipment sign-up sheets
  • Caring and experienced staff
  • Fully equipped locker rooms and showers
  • A clean and friendly atmosphere with a wide range of members all seeking to reach their fitness goals.

The Gym at Stick With It Fitness

Gym Equipment at SWIF

Strength Machines

We have some of the finest workout equipment available. SWIF features well-known names like Cybex®, HammerStrength®, Icarian®, and Life Fitness®. This equipment targets specific areas and allows for a more traditional type of exercising.

Machines at SWIF

Cardiovascular Machines

Our Cardio Theatre® video system allows you to watch and listen to any of several TV stations during your cardiovascular workout.  Customize your workout with a variety of cardio machines featuring well known names such as Stairmaster® and Cybex®.

  • Treadmills
  • Arc trainers
  • Stair climbers
  • Stationary bikes

SWIF's Cardio Theatre










Functional Training Equipment

Functional Movement with Free Weights at SWIFSWIF provides something that many other gyms don’t: Back to basics training through functional movement. We instruct our members in the correct use of proven, “old school” fitness tools:

  • Free weights
  • KettlebellsKettle Bell at SWIF
  • Multiple weighted medicine balls
  • A 50-yard sport track
  • The squat bench
  • The “dreaded” sand bag
  • Bands, ropes, and more



Locker Rooms at SWIF

We offer fully equipped men’s and women’s changing facilities with lockers and showers so you can fit your workout into your schedule then go about your day.


What We Are Not

Have you tried other gyms, but still haven’t found your workout comfort zone? Have you bought into the late-night infomercials’ promises of 90-day transformations through DVDs or spot-training devices, but you still haven’t met your goals?

It happens to so many people who are simply seeking real results.

SWIF’s members have said they stick with us in part because of what we don’t have:

  • No Fitness GimmicksGimmicks
  • Quick-fix, empty fitness promises
  • Crowds or sign-up sheets for equipment
  • Impersonal staff whose main goals are to “sell” memberships
  • Training coaches with “weekend” certifications
  • Beauty Queens and Body Builders
  • Over the top glitz, glam and drama.

Stop in and take a look around. Find out why our members stick with us.


Also at SWIF

Smokin’ Hot Yoga

Smokin Hot YogaSWIF is home to Smokin’ Hot Yoga, an independent yoga club owned by Kelly Meeder.  Hot Yoga is a dynamic, energizing practice that sculpts, hones and tones every muscle in the body.  The hot yoga classes are held a in beautiful and serene studio that is heated and maintained at a temperature of 95 – 100 degrees.  This promotes greater flexibility, minimizes muscle strain, reduces the chance of injury, enhances detoxification, and builds tremendous stamina and endurance.  For more information, schedules and rates, visit the website for Smokin’ Hot Yoga or contact Kelly at kelly@smokinhotyoga.com.