Athletics DefinitionsWhat is SWIF ATHLETICS?

SWIF ATHLETICS is the Personal Training and Performance Coaching services we provide.

At STICK WITH IT FITNESS, we believe everyone is an athlete; everyone participates in the daily athletic endeavors of real life, whether that life includes an organized or recreational sport, working in the yard, and/or playing with our kids or grandkids (aka, the sport of everyday real life.)  Life requires movement, and bottom line: the more mobile, stronger, leaner, powerful and enduring our bodies are, the more efficiently we will move.

SWIF ATHLETICS can improve your movement if you begin with a journey that follows our principles of proper conditioning, nutrition, restoration and accountability.  Along the way, you will likely experience the fringe benefits of maximized general health, enhanced performance, and improved body composition.  In other words:

you’ll feel better, move better and look better!


SWIF ATHLETICS coachingSince 1997, SWIF ATHLETICS has been a pioneer in its personal training and performance coaching approach. Success stories that reach the thousands, our application of strong principles, hard work, no shortcuts and consistency have built a reputation for results.

From the beginning, our broad clientele has gone beyond the STICK WITH IT FITNESS gym membership.  Our clients have chosen to make the trainers of SWIF ATHLETICS part of their lifestyle.  They have proactively decided to be held accountable not only to themselves, but to their coaches as well.  As a result, they have reached or are well on their way to reaching their goals.

Who Can Benefit from SWIF ATHLETICS?

SWIF ATHLETICS is simply for anyone who decides professional program design and accountability are necessary to achieve results:

  • Maybe you are a member of a gym, or even a STICK WITH IT FITNESS member, and you recognize that without the accountability factor you just don’t have the motivation to show up consistently.SWIF ATHLETICS training
  • Perhaps you do make it to the gym, but you realize you lack structure or you need that extra push.
  • Possibly weight loss and improvement in your body composition (fat reduction and the addition of lean mass) are a priority and you need the sound nutritional and conditioning principles of our services.
  • You may have been diagnosed with a health issue that can be addressed through our nutrition, conditioning and restorative principles.
  • You may be a recreational athlete looking to maximize your performance in local events.
  • Or you are a young athlete wanting to maximize your sports performance (i.e., explosiveness, strength, speed, mobility, and more).

What is the SWIF ATHLETICS Process?

Step 1: Assessment — screening and testing to determine strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances.

Step 2: Defining Goals — realistic and time oriented goal setting.

Step 3: Designing a Plan — a plan based primarily on the results of the screening and testing as well as the goals.

Step 4: Implementing the Plan — your weekly routine with your coach as well as supplemental work on your own.

Weight Loss Management at SWIF ATHLETICS

A Mouthful of TRUTHMany clients join a gym looking for a quick-fix method for weight loss.  You won’t find that at SWIF. What you will find is a no-nonsense way to reach a realistic healthy weight. We teach you about real, no-gimmick nutrition and how it affects body composition (fat tissue & lean mass).

The philosophy of SWIF’s founder and president, Albert Eiler, is a straightforward, no-holds-barred mindset: You must be accountable for what you eat. It’s about eating the foods nature has provided us and reducing the foods she hasn’t. Plain and simple.

Al’s book, written along with Julie long, A Mouthful of Truth is an eater’s manifesto built on 15 simple truths that helps to cut down on the confusion about food.

If weight loss is your reason for joining SWIF, the coaches will work with you to develop a sound nutrition program that, along with conditioning and personal accountability, will help you reach your goals.

Sports Performance at SWIF ATHLETICS

Performance Coaching at SWIFSports Performance Coaching with SWIF ATHLETICS results in True Athletic Development!  SWIF trains athletes of all levels: professional, college, high school, pre-teen and recreational athletes.  We focus on improving sports performance through our true and time tested conditioning principle.

Our Sports Performance Program prepares you for your game by focusing on:

  • Biomechanics
  • Acceleration Techniques
  • Deceleration Techniques
  • Strength, Power and more

What We Are Not

Not all exercise is created equal; nor is it necessarily beneficial for you!  Engaging in an exercise program that is designed to beat you down physically may provide a short term feeling of euphoria.  However, it is unlikely this type of intense program can be sustained for a the long term, and it may even result in an injury that requires you stop the program all together.

Unfortunately the industry is full of “high intensity, 90-day wonder” programs and self-proclaimed training “experts” that many times market themselves without a client’s abilities in mind.  Individuals of all movement abilities, exercise history, and fitness levels are lumped into one level with these “high intensity” programs and expected to keep up.  This method is all too often demoralizing and worse, often leads to injury.

As part of your SWIF ATHLETICS plan, you will indeed be asked to work hard.  But there will be valid reason to do so.  SWIF ATHLETICS will never compromise your health and safety by having you work hard simply for the sake of working hard, for the sole purpose of building mental toughness, or to simply keep up with the industry trends.