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Gym Memberships

Membership at Stick With It Fitness means more than just “belonging” to a gym. Members at SWIF experience a journey of self improvement well beyond the glitz, hype or drama you may find in other big-box health clubs. Our members enjoy:

  • Flexible hours that allow you to fit fitness into your time-pressured schedule
  • State-of-the art cardio and strength machines
  • Extensive array of functional training equipment
  • Structured sessions with our professional coaches
  • No crowds
  • Friendly, caring and experienced staff
  • Fully equipped locker rooms and showers

The Gym at Stick With It Fitness

Personal Training at SWIFPersonal Training & Performance Coaching

Since 1997, Stick With It Fitness has been a pioneer in its personal training approach. Success stories that reach the thousands, our application of strong principles, hard work, no shortcuts and consistency has built a reputation of results.

Going beyond the SWIF gym membership and choosing to make SWIF’s trainers/coaches part of your lifestyle is a huge step!  Placing yourself in a position of being held accountable to yourself as well as your coach will greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals.  

A Mouthful of TRUTHWeight Loss Management

Many clients join a gym looking for a quick-fix method for weight loss.  You won’t find that at SWIF. What you will find is a no-nonsense way to reach your healthy weight. We teach you about real, no-gimmick nutrition and how it affects body composition.

The philosophy of SWIF’s founder and president, Al Eiler, is a straightforward, no-holds-barred mindset: You must be accountable for what you eat. It’s about eating the foods nature has provided us and reducing the foods she hasn’t. Plain and simple.

Al’s book A Mouthful of Truth is an eater’s manifesto built on 15 simple truths that helps to cut down on the confusion about food.

If weight loss is your reason for joining SWIF, the coaches will work with you to develop a sound nutrition program that, along with exercise and personal accountability, will help you reach your goals.

Performance Coaching at SWIFSports Performance

True Athletic Development. SWIF trains athletes of all levels: professional, college, high school, pre-teen or a recreational athlete.  We focus on improving sports performance through our no-gimmick, no quick-fix approach.

Our Sports Performance Program prepares you for your game by focusing on:

  • Biomechanics
  • Acceleration Techniques
  • Deceleration Techniques
  • Strength, Power and more

Smokin’ Hot Yoga

Smokin Hot YogaSWIF is home to Smokin’ Hot Yoga, an independent yoga club owned by Kelly Meeder.  Hot Yoga is a dynamic, energizing practice that sculpts, hones and tones every muscle in the body.  The hot yoga classes are held a in beautiful and serene studio that is heated and maintained at a temperature of 95 – 100 degrees.  This promotes greater flexibility, minimizes muscle strain, reduces the chance of injury, enhances detoxification, and builds tremendous stamina and endurance.  For more information, schedules an rates, visit the website for Smokin’ Hot Yoga or contact Kelly at


Looking for premier, full spectrum self-defense program? Sam Rosenberg’s INPAX® program provides training through our SWIF facility.  INPAX® is a simple, systematic approach to managing physical conflict in the real world. For more info, contact Sam Rosenberg 888.433.2040 or


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