Our Fee Structure Philosophy

SWIF’s fees may be slightly higher than other area gyms, studios, and fitness centers.  We do this intentionally…our fee structure attracts committed members who have a “stick with it” attitude.

Since 1997, we have seen many of the trendy, chain fitness centers come and go.  They sell limited-value memberships at rock bottom pricing to get any and as many members they can.  Then they end up with a multitude of “joiners” who do not value service or fitness education…and only stick around for a short while.

Bottom line, we value our members and our members value us.   Ask any of them, and they’ll tell you they appreciate the many things that make SWIF unique, including:

  • No crowds or equipment sign-up sheets (why in the world would someone pay to wait around at a gym?)
  • A clean, friendly, and fun (bordering on entertaining) atmosphere with a wide range of members, all seeking to reach their fitness goals.

If you have reviewed our website and are interested in what we can offer you, email us at info@stickwithitfitness.com and one of our staff members will be in touch.