Gym & Equipment

Want high-quality fitness equipment in a comfortable, no-glitz, no-drama atmosphere? SWIF is the gym for you. At our 9,000 square foot health club, you won’t find crowds or equipment sign-up sheets. What you will find is a clean and friendly atmosphere with a wide range of members all seeking to reach their fitness goals.

Machines. We have some of the finest workout equipment available. SWIF features well-known names like Cybex®, HammerStrength®, StairMaster®, and Life Fitness®. This equipment targets specific areas and allows for more traditional training in addition to cardiovascular training.

Machines at SWIF

Functional Movement with Free Weights

Functional Movement Equipment.  SWIF provides something that many other gyms don’t: Back to basics training through functional movement. We instruct our members in the correct use of proven, “old school” fitness tools:

  • Free weights
  • KettlebellsKettle Bell at SWIF
  • Multiple weighted medicine balls
  • A 50-yard sport track
  • The squat bench
  • The “dreaded” sand bag
  • Bands, ropes, and more

Cardio. Our state-of-the-art Cardio Theatre® video system allows you to watch and listen to any of several TV stations during your cardiovascular workout.  Customize your workout with a variety of cardio machines:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical trainers
  • Stair climbers
  • Stationary bikes

SWIF's Cardio Theatre

Locker rooms with showers. We offer fully equipped men’s and women’s changing facilities with lockers and showers so you can fit your workout into your schedule then go about your day.

Is there anything SWIF doesn’t have…?