SWIF’s Survival of the Fittest Fishermen


SWIF celebrated 2016’s Opening Day of Trout Season with its own Fish-a-Palooza!! The weekend-long event, which took place at a secret fishing hole along the Gibsonia/910 corridor, was not an affair for the faint of heart (or for those SWIF coaches/staff we forgot to invite (aka: the three women of SWIF…oops)).  Or for that matter, it was not an event for those coaches who claimed to have prior obligations (aka: lame excuses).  But we don’t want to name names…oh what the hell: 1) Bacco: bachelor party; 2) Vlakancic: birthday party; 3) Lessig: a date…. dudes, man up and get your priorities straight!!

FullSizeRenderf2No, only the most rugged and virile SWIF coaches, clients, family, and friends accepted the challenge that began with a “kick-off” evening spent around the campfire, grilling flavorful meats such as elk, pheasant, and grass-fed beef…which paired nicely with the perfectly chilled Smidwick’s Ale. And no man’s night out would be complete without Frangelico’s hazelnut liqueur and chocolates.

As dusk turned to dark, the adventurers began the “sleepover party” portion of the evening and took to their tents to brave the chilly April night…only to retreat to their vehicles for warmth after about an hour or so.   (Rumor has it the night included gossiping and pillow fights…and would have had them braiding each other’s hair… if any of them had any.)

IMG_4253f9In the morning, the task-at-hand (fishing) was put on hold so all could enjoy more “traditional” camp cuisine: Tony Corcoran’s succulent farm raised beef and the Bossman’s free range chicken eggs.

But when there was no more Starbucks left, the campers had no choice but to lift themselves out of their LLBean camping chairs, get out their fishing gear, and begin Day 1 of the angling “contest.”

FullSizeRenderf6To no one’s surprise, the Bossman had a seemingly insurmountable lead early on, with the first seven fish caught (okay…five of them were creek chubs and the other two were not quite the legal size of trout keepers)…until his veteran father-n-law, “Pap” did the unthinkable: he broke bro-code and waded out into the very hole where the Bossman was fishing.

Needless to say, Pap proceeded to land three trophy-sized trout…and with each catch, he looked over at the others as if to say “amateurs.”


Mike-and-fish-400However, the other fishermen forged on. Tony had his share of creek chubs, but no trout to speak of. And as for the adorable youngin, Mike Starr, he remained fishless until his boss ushered him to a “secret spot” (which was actually a pond where one would generally take toddlers to catch bluegills).

As Day 1 came to an end, to everyone’s surprise, the rookie Starr landed the biggest catch of the day! And boy did he let everyone know about that “one” fish he caught.

Luckily, Fish-a-Poolza’s offered a “Day 2” to provide redemption for the fishless of Day 1: Tony caught his first trout of the season, and the Bossman landed the “Walter” of all trout… thus declaring himself the overall Fish-a-Poolza 2016 Champion!


NOTE: The legitimacy of the “Day 2” results are currently under review, since Pap and Starr were (accidentally) not invited to fish that day, and because Starr is convinced his catch was bigger…we’ll let you all decide 🙂

All in all, this “experimental” camping/fishing (and eating/drinking) event was a success!   We think it’s definitely worthy of a second annual Fish-a-Poolza next year, which of course will be opened up to all who feel they are manly (or womanly) enough to survive the outdoor challenge.

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