SWIF hosts our own “Tony” Awards

Congratulations Tony Corcoran
“SWIFT” CEO Challenge IX Champion!

IMG_1251Tony surrounded by his proud SWIF ATHLETICS Coaches

Our SWIFT CEO Challenge IX participants along with their SWIF Coaches gathered for breakfast April 7 to honor the champion and “reflect”on the program. Check out these photos — “almost” everyone looks pretty perky for 6am!

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With only a 6-week time frame, we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of results.  But this latest CEO Challenge was a “SWIFT” battle to say the least…and what we received were many significant transformations and much valuable information.

In addition to the shorter duration, the SWIFT Challenge featured new testing procedures such as video analysis, anaerobic test, and underwater weighing–for more precise body fat measurements.  These specialized tests provided us with further data to critically drill down on each of our valued participants, as only SWIF loves to do :-).

And the winner, who crushed his tests, was clear.  Tony Corcoran, aka “MacGyver,” will sprint away with the $10,000 prize and the title of CEO Champion IX.  Of course, half will go to Tony’s favorite charity, and half of the other half into the pockets of the SWIF coaches…hint, hint).

But on the serious side, Tony displayed the most well-rounded stats in this brief program, with highlights such as:

  • 22.5 lbs of fat lost,

  • 4.5 lbs of lean mass gained,

  • an increase of over 25% on the anaerobic test with more efficiency, and

  • very impressive gains on flexibility, functionality, and strength.

In the last Challenge, Tony came up just a bit short and elegantly bowed down to “The Professor.”  But he harnessed the pain of that loss and found his redemption in this Challenge!!!

Great Job, Tony!!!  Just check out his POST-Challenge flex in the underwater tank!


We should also note Tony has made even more significant changes over the past 10 months — since then his fat loss has approached 100 lbs!  That’s right we lured him into SWIF as he was about to crack the 300 lb barrier!  In addition, he’s managed to quit smoking after 25 years.  Yeah, he’s quite the looker now….and some have called him SWIF’s most eligible bachelor.Tony--10-months-ago

Here are some compelling Videos
of Tony’s PRE-Challenge and POST-Challenge Testing

Tony’s PRE-Challenge Anaerobic Bike Test

HINT: Play these two videos (PRE- and POST-) at the same time and be wowed by the difference in just six weeks.!

Tony’s POST-Challenge Anaerobic Bike Test


Tony Pre-Challenge Underwater Weighing

Tony Post-Challenge Underwater Weighing

Watch for details of the NEXT CEO Challenge and your chance to transform!  Contact us for to learn more.


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