“The Professor” Named CEO Challenge VIII Champion!!

SWIF’s CEO Challenge VIII, which ran from September 7 through December 6, 2015, concluded with a friendly breakfast gathering on December 17 to celebrate the transformations, share stories, talk trash (a lot of trash) and of course to crown the Champion!



It is with great pleasure that SWIF has named

Micheal Flynn

as the CEO Challenge VIII Champion.



Mike aka “The Professor,” aka “The Viking” who represented Aquinas Academy in the Challenge, earned a prize of $10,000…half for him and half for his charity.

“Mike approached the Challenge with conviction!” according to the Bossman.  “He never missed a training session, came in early and left late, religiously logged his food, checked in regularly on his progress, completed SWIF’s online wellness education course, and had a winning attitude throughout!”

His results were impressive.  During the exercise and nutrition-based challenge, which began and ended with comprehensive biometric testing and functional movement screening,  Mike:

  • practically doubled his functional movement screening score

  • practically tripled his overall fitness score

  • improved his flexibility six-fold

  • more than doubled his strength…moving him into the “Excellent” category

  • jumped three categories in his aerobic fitness and now “hovers at the door” of the Excellent category

  • and last but certainly not least: lost 35 pounds!!

In this eighth installment of the CEO Challenge, all the participants worked hard, and so many made notable improvements as a result of the weekly group workouts as well as the individual sessions  with the SWIF coaches.

And not to be overlooked by any means, while the Challenge is a platform where so many make life altering improvements, we want to thank each participant for his/her charitable wager.  SWIF does its best to fuse physical performance and charity, and without all of you we could not do it.

CEO Challengers We Thank You!!!

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Oh and one last thing: there are rumors that our next challenge is going to have some exciting additions that will ensure even more transformations for our next group of competitors…stay tuned!!!

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