A Role 40-some Years in the Making

Sue Seiff SWIF appoints long-time personal training client, Sue Seiff, to the position of SWIF’s Marketing and Wellness Program Facilitator.  “STICK WITH IT FITNESS is a gym like no other…it’s a special place. The people — the coaches, staff, and members — make it feel more like a family than a facility.  I’m delighted to be a part of that family, and to promote a company that has meant so much to me, and has taught me so much about wellness,” said Seiff.

Sue’s responsibilities include managing SWIF’s digital marketing efforts, and facilitating SWIF ATHLETICS’ corporate and on-line wellness programs.

But the role she’s probably best known for around the gym is that of Co-Event Coordinator (along with Albert) of SWIF’s Before-you-eat-a-lot Turkey Trot, an annual charity run/walk held on Thanksgiving morning.

Sharing the Turkey Trot Co-Event Coordinator duties since 2011 has not always been smooth sailing between The Bossman and Seiff, whose “management styles” sometimes differ…and neither one is fond of giving in.  However, it’s not surprising, given the recent discovery of a 40-something-year-old photo of the two.


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