It was a Photo Finish for the 1st and 2nd Place CEOs

What do a select group of 25 of Pittsburgh’s finest business leaders who train at STICK WITH IT FITNESS have in common? They all competed in SWIF’s CEO Challenge VII!   The CEO Challenge is a 13-week prescription-based nutrition, conditioning, restorative, and accountability program that includes Pre- and Post-program functional movement screening and biometric testing, weekly group coaching sessions with Certified SWIF ATHLETICS Coaches, and wellness educational support that has proven to help thousands of SWIF clients.

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This seventh year of the challenge was our most competitive one yet! We had five challengers who each lost over 40 pounds of fat and several who lost well over 30. And the improvements in their Pre- and Post-Challenge performance scores was impressive to say the least. As a result, determining the champion was no easy feat for us — the competition resulted in a grueling, neck-and-neck finish between the 1st place winner, Steve Photopoulos of Steve Photopoulos Law and the 2nd place winner, Dean Bronowicz of Waves Equipment Rental.

The pair’s combined “Fat Loss” approached an amazing 100 pounds of fat!!

With near identical improvements in Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength, Flexibility, and Cardio Vascular ability, Steve tweaked out the victory over Dean because of his unprecedented perfect score in the Post-Challenge functional movement screen. As SWIF always says, it “pays” to be functional.

Check out their 13-week transformations


Steve’s BEFORE Photos


Steve’s AFTER Photos…he’s got his groove back!!!



Dean’s BEFORE Photos


Dean’s AFTER Photos…getting his swell on!!!

For this year’s CEO Challenge’s Awards Ceremony, SWIF switched things up a bit.  Rather than an evening event fueled by a few post-program cocktails, SWIF paid homage to two other CEO challengers who hailed from Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, and held a breakfast ceremony at the Route 8 Eat’n Park restaurant.   Oh, but the early hour didn’t mean it was a quiet affair…other patrons reported seeing an impromptu boxing ring set up where Steve and Dean were challenged to duke it out one last time to claim the top spot.

For the challengers, the competition is not only about winning the title of “CEO Challenge VII Champion,” it’s also about winning money…for themselves and their favorite charity. With 25 competitors, this year’s prize money totaled $12,500: and with $6,250 dedicated to charity, SWIF’s programs have now surpassed $125,000 for charities.

Disappointed you missed out on your chance to compete in a 2015 CEO Challenge?  Don’t be…SWIF is planning to host CEO Challenge VIII for a September 2015 start!!  Watch for details soon.

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