SWIF 13-week Transformations: Before and After

Congratulations once again to our CEO Challenge VI Champion, Lynn Fievet.  For our 13-week Challenge, Lynn’s SWIF Coaches, Sean Cerqua and the BossMan, Albert Eiler designed a diet and exercise strategy just for her.  Lynn lost close to 35 lbs of fat and improve her strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity significantly.  

Check out her amazing Before, (During) and After photos!!

Lynn Before

Lynn’s Pre-Challenge BEFORE photos where she clearly did NOT like the idea of Biometric photography.


Lynn 2 weeks in

Lynn, two weeks into the Challenge decided to show off the progress she had already made — 10 pounds down!



Lynn’s Post-Challenge AFTER photos, showing her 35 pounds of fat loss and her improved confidence!!  After 13 weeks, she was all like, “Yeah, bring on that Biometric photography!!!”   You go girl, we’re so proud of you too.

Another amazing transformation was that of our Second Place CEO Challenger, Eric Teasdale, trained by SWIF Coach, Rob Lessig, who also lost close to 35 pounds of body fat.  It should be also noted that Eric crushed the aerobic, the strength and the functional movement categories of the Challenge.

Again, the photos say it all — awesome job, Eric!

Eric Before

Eric’s Pre-Challenge BEFORE photos…no smile detected.


Eric After

Eric’s Post-Challenge AFTER shots…our experts have examined the photos and have detected a definite smile 🙂

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