Can You Handle the Truth?

One day not too long ago, I spoke to a local community group about putting together a Group Challenge Program to improve daily living performance, promote general health and create leaner bodies. In response to a remark I made about overweight and obese bodies, a clearly overweight woman said, “Our bodies are just a shell God made for us while we’re on earth.” Many others in the group chimed in their agreement. “That may be,” I said, “but my guess is that God did not intend for us to abuse our ‘shells’ with gluttony and disrespect.”

To play down the importance of the physical body is just one of the many ways we excuse the fact that so many of us have lost self-control. This loss of self-control to the point of not being able to control our food intake saddens me.

A Mouthful of TRUTHMy book A Mouthful of Truth addresses this loss of self-control and I hope provides a rude awakening.  It is written with a level of directness that is missing from the health industry, where all too often either the message or its delivery is softened for the sake of marketability (and in doing so the truth gets compromised). I have more faith in people than that. I think our members and the general public want the truth. I think they can handle the truth.

Pick up A Mouthful of Truth to read more truths.

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